New Sony digital 4K video camera recorder FDR-AXP35 Black from Japan F/S

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New Sony digital 4K video camera recorder FDR-AXP35 Black from Japan F/S

Equipped for the first time "space optical camera shake correction" function as 4K Handycam
"FDR-AXP35" a volume about 30%, at the same time as achieving the size and weight of the mass, down about 20%, equipped with the first "space optical camera shake correction" function as 4K Handycam. And ease of portability by smaller and lighter, the shooting with reduced camera shake everyone realize that easily enjoy, it is a video camera who can enjoy the expressive 4K video with immersive more familiar.
Such as "space optical camera shake correction" featured, blur without stable high-quality video and can be photographed
■ Equipped with "space optical camera shake correction" about 13 times the camera shake correction width to the telephoto end from the first equipped with the wide-angle end as 4K corresponding Handycam function ※ The use of a proprietary technology to increase to 1 "space optical camera shake correction" function. Even when the shake-prone wide and zoom shooting, you’ll stable high-quality video is to reduce camera shake and blurring.
※ 1: Comparison with image stabilization angle in a standard mode of conventional optical camera shake correction models. Camera shake correction effect may vary according to the shooting conditions.

■ Equipped with ExmorR CMOS image sensors take beautiful even equipped with low-light image sensor and lens to achieve a high-definition 4K video shooting. In addition, the maximum adoption of ZEISS Barrio Sonnar T * lens wide-angle 29.8mm, it depicts the high-definition, even when a wide range shooting, such as majestic scenery.

■ In addition to long-time recording and high-bit-rate shooting imaginable recording method XAVC S adopting traditional AVCHD of 4K, XAVC S the adopted an extension of the XAVC recording format that has been developed for professional to consumer. Newly corresponds to the high bit rate shooting 4K / 100Mbps, by high bit rate shooting 4K 100Mbps / 60Mbps and HD 50Mbps, such as even small movements incessantly scene spray, noise is small and high-resolution video camera is ready to take a picture. ※ 2
Also, the reading speed of the sensor is faster in 1/60, was suppressed distortion (focal plane phenomenon) that occurs when it is taken to a moving subject.
※ 2: XAVC S 4K 60Mbps, when the external media recording of HD 50Mbps requires SDXC memory card Class10 more. When an external media recording of 4K 100Mbps, you must have the SDXC UHS-I U3 more.
more than a few functions to enjoy the taken content
■ Achieve high-definition video playback in full HD TV
Images were 4K taken, in addition to Watching 4K TV, Full HD and the television can be down-converted to a full HD image based on the huge amount of data of the 4K image, amount of information than the normal full HD video Many, can enjoy higher quality video "4K sampling full HD playback" is.
In addition, the full HD video to play is cut out at any position from 4K video to evolve a "trimming play", became a imaginable change of trimming size by manipulating the zoom lever and the LCD screen of the body right through playback. ※ 3
※ 3: The minimum cut size is 1920 × 1080

■ Equipped with new features that cut out the high-resolution still images from 4K video
I will be able to cut out at high-resolution still images defining moment from 4K video.

■ Built-in external input-enabled projector built-in up to 50 lumen projector. Even in bright room, you’ll Watch with easily big screen a variety of content video and other taken.
※ 4 also adopted "automatic keystone distortion correction" to compensate automatically when the screen is distorted right through the projection, it is comfortably imaginable appreciation.
Equipped with a commitment of shooting functions
Greatly at the same time as downsized, mounting or manual ring can be adjusted and to focus and zoom, a high visibility viewfinder from the current machine "FDR-AX100" ("FDR-AXP35"). It also corresponds to the accessory shoe, such as selectively The use of accessories depending on the scene, you’ll commitment shooting.
Recording Media     Memory card
Built-in memory
Built-in memory capacity    64GB
High-definition television    Correspondence
Optical zoom    Ten times
Digital zoom     120 times
Imaging element    CMOS
Imaging element size    One two three
Effective Pixels (Video) 16: 9:00     8.29 million pixels
Effective Pixels (Still) 16: 9:00     10.3 million pixels
Effective Pixels (Still) 4: 3:00     7.74 million pixels
Open F value (wide angle side)    1.8
Open F value (telephoto side)    3.4
Filter    52mm
Camera shake correction function     Optical 
LCD size    3 inches
Touch panel     Correspondence
Facial recognition     Yes
HDMI terminal     Yes
Still image recording media    SDHC card
SD card
Memory Stick PRO Duo
Memory Stick PRO-HG DUO
Built-in memory
SDXC card
Power supply    InfoLithium
Width    75mm
Height    78.5mm
Depth    Including 155mm ※ included battery
Shooting mass    725g
Zoom    Optical zoom
Digital zoom
Built-in memory     Yes
Focal length (telephoto side and movies 16: 9:00 · 35mm equivalent)    298mm
Focal length (wide-angle side and movies 16: 9:00 · 35mm equivalent)    29.8mm
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